Justin + Shae

Justin & Shae's Perth wedding was a special one for me.

Justin is my gorgeous brother in-law and his wedding meant that the beautiful Shae would officially become my sister in-law (hooray to that). It was also a pretty tricky wedding for me to photograph as not only was I the official photographer, but I'd only recently had my second son, my eldest son was the page boy and my husband was in the bridal party - yikes! Getting everyone organised (whilst dealing with a bad case of sleep induced baby brain) was a slight logistical nightmare, but my gorgeous friend and photographer extraordinaire Jenna Mason saved the day and photographed the wedding with me, capturing some amazing moments that wouldn't have happened without her creative flair (love you Jenna)!

As for the wedding itself, well it was beautiful! An open air ceremony at a beautiful hidden park in Mosman Park, followed by a reception at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe. Justin & Shae shone all day long. I've never seen either of them smile so much, or laugh so hard. It was such a privilege to take their photos and I am so proud to call them both family.

The happy couple are now expecting a baby in December (yep a successful honeymoon), so there's no doubt they'll be back gracing my website soon, with a new addition to the family!

These are a few of my favourites. Enjoy.