Camp Common Folk

A week ago I packed my bags, kissed my boys goodbye and headed off to Camp Common Folk - a camp run for wedding photographers, by wedding photographers. 

I was excited to be there. I was getting a leave pass from my mothering duties and would get to talk shop with a group of other photographers about the business of wedding photography. And hey, I might have even gotten to enjoy a few sneaky wines and a sleep in…

But the reality was that I totally underestimated the long lasting effect this camp would leave on me, not only as a photographer, but also as a person. Surrounded by a group of ridiculously talented photographers, I was in awe of everyone's openness to share their journey. Their stories were raw, heartbreaking and refreshing, leaving me feeling challenged, inspired and humbled, all at the one time. I cried (lots), I laughed (lots) and danced to some seriously good 90's music that has been missing from my playlists.

It's amazing how a few days in the wild, with a group of like-minded people, can help you to breathe again.