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Wedding Albums... Aren’t they lovely?

They’re actually the very first thing that got me interested in photography from a young age. I remember being fascinated with my parents wedding album. I loved seeing what my parents, grandparents and relatives looked like back then. I loved the awkward poses and the grainy film and the fact my dad was wearing flares. I loved how happy and beautiful my mum looked. I still love looking at their wedding album today, and it saddens me that in this digital age we’re living in, that many people don’t have wedding albums in their homes any longer.

I recently designed this beautiful wedding album for one of my clients (the gorgeous Kate & Rich) and it was so lovely to take photos off the computer and put them in print - a tangible piece of art for generation to come. A family heirloom that can be revisited and shared so that memories live on....

So here's what I think. Print your photos. Make photo books. Create albums of your wedding, your holidays or anything really! Get them off your devices and back into your lives, because there’s something truely special about holding memories from days long past in your very own hands.

In case you have no idea where to start, here a few of my favourite companies specialising in beautiful prints. You're welcome.

Wedding Albums: Vision Art Prints: Fred Snow Photo Books: Artifact Uprising